Saturday, August 21, 2010

Always Learning

I believe that one has to continue to learn in order to stay happy and healthy. The “thing” I’m trying to learn now is how to make photographs into watercolors. It should be easy...go into Photoshop and click on the “watercolor” button, and the photograph is changed just like that!

Well, NO! First and foremost there’s not a “watercolor” button. There are a variety of “buttons” and each produces a different effect. Some are dreadful while some are amusing.

Today I’ve been playing with 2 pictures...the deer I took yesterday and a red-eyed susan. After a lot of fiddling, I think I have these 2 figured out. BUT, every picture is a different combination of effects, so there’s not a formula to use.

What I do know about the’s great fun! Now all I need is an endless supply of ink for my printer and frames and places to put these mini-masterpieces.

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