Wednesday, August 18, 2010


After being home for awhile, I finally have my 3000 pictures more or less organized. I have sifted through them and created a website too. If you are interested in seeing selected shots, go to I  hope you enjoy them. Please let  me know what you think! I love feedback.

In the meantime, here’s a few that are interesting to me.

I love taking pictures of bees...and this bee matched the flower so well, he was just begging to be “shot."
There was a restaurant in Honfleur called “Grenouille” and this little red frog was the logo. I did not think the French had a sense of humor, but I guess they do. (BTW, grenouille is French for frog)
Again, in Honfleur, I captured this portrait of a woman. She looks a bit grumpy...could she be missing her morning coffee? Or, is she just frustrated with all the tourists in her town? I’ll never find out.
All churches in France have a rooster on top. The symbol of the French people is the can try to figure out why?
I love the huge “rose” windows in the cathedrals. This is from the Cathedral in Rouen.

This is the countryside that inspired the great Impressionist Painters. The sky is the key and while we were there, the skies were exceptionally pretty.

If you go to the Louvre you have to see the Mona Lisa which is much easier said that done. It’s next to impossible see her up close and personal because of the crowd of people trying to do exactly the same thing. I took this picture standing on my tip-toes, with a 20X zoom. I’m surprised it came out as good as it did.
Lastly, it’s not easy being a tourist. Sometimes you just have to sit down and take a nap. SO, while a lot of us were enjoying Monet’s garden, my friend Roger was napping on the only soft chair to be the gift shop!

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