Sunday, September 30, 2007


We are docked in Hilo, Hawaii after "steaming" four days west from San Francisco. We had four days of very smooth sailing as you can see. There were hardly any waves in the ocean.

The Sun Princess is a very pleasant ship to take for a long cruise. She's stocked with friendly people, lots of good food, and activities. To that end, Chet's lectures are going very well and he's receiving a lot of positive feedback. They are even taping his lectures, so folks can see them on the TV in their staterooms. It's very strange to see him on TV.

Our first of three formal evenings, happened as we left San Francisco. Considering we all like to wear our play clothes most days, it was amazing to see how well we all cleaned up. Penguins might have even learned a lesson or two about tuxedo wearing.

I must report that I made an error about the "stork" in Seattle. I have been informed by Wes that the bird is a Great Blue Heron all hunkered down for the evening. As I look at the bird, it does look like a Heron. I apologize. Thanks go to Wes for setting me straight.

Tomorrow in Lahaina.

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Anonymous said...

You guys look like you are having a great time. Safe travels on the remainder of your cruise.