Monday, September 17, 2007

On to Oz but first, Mt. Shasta!

We're on the road, only a mere 130 miles from home, but we're on the road. Right outside our hotel window we are treated to a view of beautiful Mt. Shasta. She's the second tallest mountain in CA at 14,162 feet yet I think she is more spectacular than Mt. Whitney which is taller. Shasta pokes up her head and tells the world I AM HERE with grace and majesty, while Whitney hides amid other mountains. Part of the "Pacific Ring of Fire," Mt. Shasta can erupt, but she's been dormant since the 10th birthday of the United States. Not too far away is a sister volcano, Mt. Lassen, which last erupted in 1915. Our property south of Mt. Lassen, is littered with little lava bombs that were hurled over 100 miles. The 1915 eruption was a true blast! When these big volcanoes decide to erupt, they are nasty.

Today Mt. Shasta is sitting pretty. She has some snow to grace her lovely sides, a friendly cloud to keep her company and two more visitors looking at her in awe of her power and beauty.

Tomorrow on to Bend.

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