Saturday, September 15, 2007

OZ minus 3

Slowly we are getting things organized for this trip. I have a mental list of all that needs to be packed...all I have to do is pack!

Today I bought a new air card for my computer so I can get online stateside (that means only to Hawaii). It fits in a USB port instead of a PCMCIA slot. The newer computers are not being made with PCMCIA slots and of course the travel computer is "newer." After we leave the states, WiFi will be the answer. Sure hope the Sun Princess has a good WiFi capability!

I've looked through all the travel documents. I have a binder an inch thick with everything placed in the order that we will use it. Thanks to my travel agent Liz for helping me get this altogether. We've been working on this trip since May. The next set of paperwork deals with places to see and things to do. I have get my travel guides out.

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