Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Panhandling Geese

We are in Bend, Oregon, right on schedule. Today we drove from Weed passing through small towns like Macdoel, Dorris, Greneda, on the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, aka Highway 97. It's a pretty drive in a part of California that is sparsely populated! We crossed the border in Oregon and stopped in Klamath Falls for lunch. Klamath Falls is on the Klamath River where a lot of logging has been done over the years. We went in search of the falls. Up the river...down the river. We saw mill ponds where logs were being stored; we saw a few people in boats; we saw some beautiful riverfront..but no falls. Finally, in desperation, we asked "Where are the Falls in Klamath Fall?" We were disappointed by the answer. When the Upper Lake was dammed, the falls disappeared. There are no falls in Klamath Falls. What can you say.

On the other hand, there are panhandling geese who would certainly be willing to share your lunch.

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