Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where the elk graze

Today we had a wonderful day visiting with our friends and learning more about this beautiful part of Oregon. Bend is a beautiful town with a river wandering beside main street, mature trees, and a heady blend of old and new architecture. While there is some traffic, you can see why folks move here to avoid the congestion found in the bigger cities south in California.

Not too far away is the Quilt Capital of North America: Sisters, at the foot of 3 volcanoes, called "The Sisters." During the summer, quilters flock here from all over share their wares, take quilting classes. listen to quilting lectures, and brag about their newest designs. Today the quilters were gone, but the evidence of quilters and crafters is evident wherever you go. Amid the quilts, we had a great lunch, a better ice cream cone, and we saw elk. Elk on a farm. It was interesting to see how content they were grazing on the green grass and enjoying a restful life in their enclosed environment. It lead me to wonder how they would act in the open like the wild elk herd in Yellowstone? I just looked at these animals and said to myself, "Enjoy this while you can! Life is good."

That's true, life is good!

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Anonymous said...

Bend brings back wonderful memories of skiing and fishing. We enjoy that area of the country. It is on our itinerary for next summer. Enjoy!

Bill & Susan