Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Stork in Seattle

We drove from Salem to Seattle today. It's only 220 miles, but they were some of the hardest 220 miles we have driven this week. The traffic, even on Saturday, was heavy. In "green" Oregon, where being earth-friendly is important, we were overpassed by SUVs and big 4x4 trucks, while we were driving our Fazda (Ford-Mazda combo). Since we generally live in rural areas, seeing all the traffic is rather fascinating, but we wonder why folks want to live here with all the traffic; all the people; all the confusion. Just when we thought all was lost, we went for a little walk alongside a lake in downtown Seattle and there we saw a stork! A stork in Seattle! It was huddled up for the evening, all fluffed up and enjoying a rest on a log under a willow tree. There is nature here and it's not that hard to find...all you have to do is get out of your car and look.

Tomorrow we board the Sun Princess and start the 30 day voyage of this adventure. First stop will be San Francisco!


dstanczak said...

This makes me homesick, as I lived in Everett Wa for 10 years. It has truly breath taking views, almost like living in a postcard.
I miss the wonderful smell of the trees and the grat seafood :)

Teresa said...

So confused, When I go look for you on the sun princess it says it is headed for San Francisco. Either I am looking at the wrong ship Sun Princess or you guys are not headed North. Hope you are having a great time. Take care. Love the photos. I will send recent photos soon