Thursday, May 19, 2011

And so it begins

We are on the road again! That's always fun and frustrating at the same time. This morning I received a call from United saying "your flight has been cancelled. A new flight should be arranged. Have a nice day!" Somehow I did not think the last sentence went with the first sentence! I called United and after going through a multi-level phone tree I was connected to someone who barely spoke English, but after a few false starts we were booked on another flight. When she asked if there was anything else I wanted, I told her to send me a voucher for the Red Carpet Club. She said she would but I have not received it yet.

That's the frustration. The fun part is being on the road. For the first time I opted for a mobile boarding pass. It's pretty cool. Just open up the email where the pass is sent and click on the link to the webpage where a QR code (Quick Response) is displayed. Flash the code and everyone who has access to the QR reader sees all of your info. BTW it's the same info found on the barcode of a paper boarding pass. The key now is to NOT lose your cellphone.

In case you are wondering we are on our way to Greece and the Dalmatian Coast (Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia)...I wonder if we will see any of those spotted dogs along the way? We will board a small ship named Athena ...and along the way we will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary! Wow that's a long time!

Watch this space for pictures and the like.

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