Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Montenegro

We sailed into Kotor, Montenegro this morning. What a lovely passage. Kotor is located at the far end of a 20 mile inlet...with tall mountains ringing the inlet, it is most impressive. As we sailed the inlet, we saw ancient churches, villas, forts, and homes, sprinkled along the waterfront and crawling up the mountains. Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so the buildings date from the 1200s or so. Lots of great old world masonry. I've had a grand time photographing doors and shutters and arches and towers and the like.

Once we docked we walked around the walls of the city to the main gate dating from 1550 into a quaint village that stepped out of the pages of Harry Potter. We both said we were on Diagonal Alley! There are little shops, churches, cathedrals, museums, and cafes along the cobblestone walkways. Evey so often there is a square where you can sit back and watch people or get a quick gelato! The tone is old, but the services are new...wifi is every where!

There's an optional walk this afternoon, that we do not plan to's a stroll along the town goes to the top of the mountain and includes 1350 steps! The view would be fantastic, but the effort would be too...and did I tell you, it's HOT! When I get picture ability, I will show you what the wall looks like from the street.

Yesterday we visited another UNESCO World Heritage site..that of Butrint in Albania. Very interesting set of ruins dating back to The Greeks over 3000 years ago. The site is an active archeological dig...and the kids at the dig were from Indiana University. The strangest thing about Albania were the modern bunkers. Seems like the last dictator was paranoid and instead of investing in roads and housing, he built 750,000 cement bunkers while the people did not enough money for food or housing! Talk about strange when you consider that no one has invaded Albania for centuries.

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