Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On Sunday I received a call from “the credit bureau” that told me in a robotic voice that my credit card had been invalidated and I needed to press 1 to re-validate it or press 2 to hang up. I did not even press 2, I hung up as soon as I could.

On Monday I called my credit card provider and told them what had happened. It appears that this same scam is happening a lot of places right now. I was told there is NO credit bureau. I was also told that I should never give anyone who calls ME credit card information. I already knew that! As an aside, if someone gives you a number to call back, that’s no guarantee they are on the up and up either!

If you should receive such a call, hang up immediately. Do NOT press 1. Do NOT give them your credit card number. Do NOT give them any more information than they already have. They have your phone number because the scammers are using a random dialer.

Just a warning! I hope you don’t get the opportunity to make use of it!

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Wendy said...

Another reason to be rid of the landline. I hope such callers don't find my cellphone number.