Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Athens

We just arrived in Athens. It took some time to get here...SFO to Denver to Dulles to Munich to here. I guess I could figure out the total number of hours but if I do I'll be more tired. To that end, we were able to sleep on the plane, so we are not completely exhausted. Another trick is to fly business or first class.

In Denver we waited in the Red Carpet Lounge. I'm sorry to report it's still one of the worst RCLs in the world. I was hoping that United had cleaned it up, but alas, such is not the case. We did not have an opportunity to visit other RCLs as our connections were perfectly timed. We got off one plane, walked to the next plane and boarded and flew away. When we arrived in Munich we had 45 minutes between flights. Not only did we have to walk around most of the airport, we had to go through passport control and Germany's version of TSA security...and we still made it the next flight on time! The Germans do know a thing or two about being punctual!

Now that we are in Athens, it's next to impossible to read the signs...they are written in Greek, needless to say. But so is the interface for this blog...and if you go to GOOGLE maps you will see that the maps are in Greek too. We cannot understand the language AND we cannot read the language. When you travel here you get an idea what it feels like to be illiterate. At the airport and on the main streets In Athens, there are English signs, but that is not the case on the side streets or in the smaller villages. Athens is a huge city, with about 4 million folks. According to our driver (Bill from Long Island - and Greece) half the population of Greece lives in Athens!

One last note...for my friend Beeler...there ARE smoking rooms available in both the Munich and Athens airport.

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