Saturday, May 7, 2011

...of Poppies and Snakes

Today the Matilija Poppies are in bloom. Matilija poppies are great white crepe-papery blooms that hang on the end of weedy looking green stalks. Most of the year, we see the stalks and wonder "Why do we keep these ugly things in the garden?" Then, the stalks erupt into enormous white flowers and we know the answer.  The buds look primordial...I'm sure their DNA was included in the cosmic ooze.

Here's a bloom I called Marilyn Monroe. You remember her famous pose from "The Seven Year Itch?" Just squinch up your eyes, and you might see what I'm talking about.

Not only are the poppies blooming, but the snakes are coming out of hibernation.

As we were driving down our gravel road, this fellow was basking in the sun. I got out of the car to take this shot and discovered, it's only a common garter snake, not a rattler (no buttons).

(about 36 inches long)
Rattlers don't have long lives on the "ranch" but garter snakes can stay as long as they like.

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