Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not an Ordinary Day

I've been playing a waiting game this past week. To that end I've not wanted to talk to a lot of friends as I really did not know how to answer the question "How are you?" The best way to avoid answering a question is to not I've been relatively quiet.

You might ask, quiet about what? SO, before I go any farther the answer to the question is "I'm great! 100%! Never Better!"

It all began with a repeat mammogram that was scheduled for last Friday. A spot was revealed on that mammogram. Immediately, I was whisked to another room where an ultra-sound was done showing that the spot had a bit of definition. Before I could say anything I was scheduled for a biopsy. This is where the rub came in....they wanted to do the biopsy sometime in June and I said I was going to Greece on the 18th. After a bit of fiddling with the appointment books, I was told to come in at 7:30 the following Thursday, the 12th. Then another appointment was made with my doctor for 4 days later to find out the results of the biopsy. If you have ever lived with the threat of cancer, then you have an idea how this past week felt.

Thursday finally arrived and I was ready for the biopsy. What I did not know was "biopsy" was code for removal of the spot! After 3 hours, I was bandaged and released to go home and wait and wait and wait until Monday at 1:45 PM to find out what was discovered! The waiting continued.

Today, the other DrC had an appointment with another doctor, and as we were talking to him we mentioned the biopsy and that we would get results on Monday. Now, here's the fun part of the story! Our doctor takes his iPhone out of his pocket, calls the mammography clinic, and gets the results of the test just like that! Before he even said good-bye to them, he gives me a thumbs up! I do not have cancer! WOW!

I want to thank all of the folks I told for their prayers, wishes, kind thoughts, and more! They worked!

We are going to Greece and the Dalmatian Coast on the 18th. The trip celebrates our 40th anniversary...and the fact that I do NOT have cancer. All is good in this little cornet of the world!

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